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Rebrand The Report

You can ‘rebrand’ the Instant Start-Ups Special Report with your own affiliate links for just $10.00 by clicking the order button below.

All the proceeds received from your purchase will be forwarded to a registered healthcare charity.

Once your order has been processed you will be immediately taken to a secure page that will show you video instructions for creating your free affiliate account with (if you do not already have one), and how to use our point-and-click online rebrander tool’ which will customize the Instant Startups Special Report with your name, email address, and unique ClickBank affiliate tracking links for you.


Remember, once you have re-branded the Instant Startups Special Report you have everything you need to start generating unlimited 50% affiliate commissions. Simply by sharing this useful report with others.

Speed of distribution with be your secret to success… and as the licensing fee is going to a healthcare charity… So what are you waiting for? Everyone wins.

Get your report ‘rebranded’ with your affiliate links instantly and  potentially you can be making money in the next 10 minutes.


Nick James

PS. The charity all donations will be made to is NHS Charities Together. 

* may also be required add local sales or vat for your country or geograhical location. You will be given an oportunty to review the total amount of your order before proceeding.

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